In 2009, the two musicians Bernd Bolsinger (reeds & electronics) and Theodor Pauß (piano & electronics), both deeply rooted in classical and jazz music, founded the label “bolsinger & pauss”, based in the city of Mönchengladbach (Germany). The core of motivation for the two founders is to be able to work freely and without compromises, true to the motto “Label for (style) touching music”.
Two albums under the name of “TEM – Trans Expression Music” have been published on their label (TEM-Exposition & TEM-Transition). This project combines live elements interpreted on piano, clarinet or saxophone and electronic, sample based techniques. Creating a symbiosis of acoustic and electronic music, inspired by genres like Avant-Garde Jazz and classical music, Drum’n’Bass or Techno.

The EP “Kantinensound” by the artist “Geschirrwagen”, an experimental approach collating cafeteria sounds, narrating voice and electronic beats, and the techno productions “Plip Plop” and “Schwing!” by “T.O XX” show the versatility of “bolsinger & pauss”. Their credo is to never exclude authentic and challenging music, despite their stylistic orientation. And by that they are establishing a home for international artists with these boundary-breaking principles.